Mike Olson, one of the few remaining aural piano tuners in California, is personally requested to tune pianos for many stars, including Alicia Keys, Elton John, Stevie Nicks, Arturo Sandoval, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and the Grammy Awards. Mike has also performed with Rod Stewart, Freddy Fender, Molly B, and The Pearly Band at Disneyland,

Pattie Olson, unsatisfied with driving an ‘18 wheeler’, worked her way through college, obtaining a bachelor degree in Computer Science, and landing a career as a software engineer. In support of her son’s aspirations, she founded and mentored two high school robotics teams, winning the coveted Regional Woodie Flowers mentor’s award.

Somehow these two worlds collided, and Mike and Pattie were wed. Two pianists/keyboardists with two very different styles became a musical duo, and parents of two rescue animals; Amos, a black lab, and Mozart (Mozie) a Siamese kitten. Mike and Pattie have performed live in multiple cover bands together over the years. The pair’s eclectic influences include Country, Rock, Dixieland Jazz, Show Tunes, and Classical music. The two have added additional instrumentation to their performances and recordings, such as saxophone, clarinet, guitar, and most recently, banjo and ukulele.

Former Critic/Reviewer for Factor X & BAM magazines wrote about the band: “Reminds me a tiny bit of the Grateful Dead”, while another reviewer stated “I made a mistake and thought it was a Johnny Cash song…..”.

‘Harbor Boulevard’ is Mike and Pattie’s most recent musical project, in which they are the heart and soul, giving musical life to feelings that many of us experience, but cannot otherwise express. The duo is working on a concept album and writing for licensing opportunities for movies, commercials, and TV shows. The pair also writes and records custom songs for private clients.